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About Us

The Story of A.P. Nonweiler

A.P. Nonweiler Company, Inc. is a family-owned, Oshkosh-based paint and coatings manufacturer that was founded in 1929. Since the company’s inception, it has grown to over 160,000 square feet of production space and employs more than 75 employees, including some of the brightest experts and chemists in the industry.  The catalyst for this growth has been a history of innovative thinking, collaborative problem-solving, and a ceaseless entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by the company’s leaders.


As a family-owned company, A.P. Nonweiler and its third-generation owner, Mark Nonweiler, have persevered over the course of decades.  In an industry that has seen massive consolidation through mergers, acquisitions and regulatory constraints. A.P. Nonweiler has succeeded by creatively providing services and solutions that would be difficult to acquire elsewhere.  This unique ability to excel through adversity has contributed to A.P. Nonweiler’s continued success.


A.P. Nonweiler’s versatility has led to a tremendously diverse group of offerings, which include two additional divisions: Crescent Bronze Metallic Powders & Paints and Color FX Ink.  When it comes to company culture, there is also a diverse numbers of offerings including generous profit-sharing for employees, community service and support, tuition assistance, donations, and many opportunities offered to the hard-working staff. A.P. Nonweiler has always operated on a set of ethical principles, which have contributed to its continued success as a family-owned business.


The future looks bright for A.P. Nonweiler and its clients.  As regulations continue to become increasingly complicated and production challenges arise, A.P. Nonweiler, will continue to thrive in the industry and support its customers.  That support will continue to include peace of mind, expedient service, and the highest quality results.

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Dr. Mark Nonweiler

3rd-Generation Owner

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