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Protective Coatings

Defending Siding Against Any Weather Condition

Nothing wears down surfaces like exposure to the elements. A.P. Nonweiler offers water- and solvent-based coatings for wood, hardy board®, and vinyl siding.

Withstanding The Constant Use On Flooring

Whether its for commercial or home use, A.P. Nonweiler offers a variety of high-quality protective floor coatings. No matter how heavy or light the intended use, protective coatings are an excellent way to maintain look and preformance of all different surfaces, without constant up keep.

For instance, 2K Epoxy is great for use outside, on warehouse floors, and in high-traffic areas where heavy equipment, like forklift, is used. With most usage, 2K Epoxy can be applied on a Friday and be ready for use the following Monday. Coatings can also be customized to meet certian requirements, like EPA standards. Depending on application, most polyaspartic coatings are Zero VOC or Low VOC. The coatings have an excellent gloss, and we can develop custom colors depending on volume.

Coatings for home applications are also available. One of our best-selling is mosture-cured urethane. We also offer solvent borne and waterborne polyurethane coatings for wooden floors. In addition to home use, the polyurethane flooring works well for school gym floors. These coatings all come in gloss, semi-gloss, and satin finish.

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